CRF Rear Master Cylinder fitted to BRP?

I remember someone who posted that they fit the CRF rear master cylinder to the BRP. I'm wondering what was involved, and if it was even worth it? Also, I'm assuming the BRP shares a very similar front master cylinder design with the rest of Honda's bikes (can't imagine them needing to change it)? Thanks.

'Aight, well then I guess I'm just going to have to buy one on ebay and find out. :D

what is the point of doing this?

Wasting money................

Dan V.

oh i see :D

Well actually, there are two reasons for doing it. The first is for no better reason than to tinker with the bike, and second, a long time ago on a different bike I actually managed to pull the hose connecting to the resevoir loose during a moderate crash on a large hill. On the way back down I lost some (not all) of the rear brake power, but it was enough to kind of freak me out. Always sat in the back of my mind, and I was glad to see Honda make an integrated unit. But hey, it's a hell of alot cheaper than buying a CRF front end to see how that works out. :D

You need to drill a new top hole in the frame to make it fit and also put two spacers between it and the frame to clear but it can fit.

I have one on mine.

Dan V.


I've always liked that pic.

And I've been considering doing this to mine for a while now as well :thumbsup:

What do you guys do with the factory rims and spokes?

I am looking for a set.

Bike looks kewl BTW.

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