Post your Mods... and FUTURE Mods

Hey TT BRP riders,

What are your favorite BRP (XR650R) mods. Post your list of best mods and pics!

Here are mine current mods and some ideas for FUTURE mods..

Baja Designs Dualsport Kit (classic)

(Works great. People look at me weird when I ride the BRP on the street. I got flipped off once!)

SRC Fork Brace Kit

(Seems to work - came with the bike)

Enduro Engineering Aluminum Handguards

(Tough and affordable)

Clarke 4.3 Gallon Gas Tank

(Let's me ride about 200 miles)

Edelbrock Carb

Guts soft (tall) seat foam and seat cover

(Prevention against "Monkey Butt")

Yoshimura RS-3 Slip-On Muffler

(Tons of power but LOUD! I use the quiet core most of the time)

EBC : Brake Rotor, Front, Oversized

(This is a killer mod! I can ride super fast and stop quick with 1 finger on the brake lever.)


(Just got it)

Uni Filter

Kenda : 120/100x18, K760 Trakmaster II

(Cheap! Wears good and DOT approved.)



Stiffer Springs

My next mod is to get stiffer Eibach springs. I weigh 190 and ride fairly aggressively in the desert.

What Eibach springs should I get???

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