Anyone interested?

I would like to order some arched front fender stickers for my WR and was considering getting them from SoCal Decal. I will have them printed to say "". They are made from 16 mil Vinyl and are very heavy duty.

The cost is $17/set at the lowest qty (6) and drop to $10 for 25 and $8 for 50/sets. I do not have Bryans approval on this, but I'm sure if I send him a set for free, he won't mind :)

I will charge whatever they cost me, plus the shipping, no mark up. Anyone interested?



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yep ill have a set.

let me know cost and where to send money etc

I'm in! Same as above.


When in doubt, GAS IT!

Excellent idea Bill, I'll take a set also.

Bill - count me in for 1 set.

Might try changing the title to draw more attention - I almost passed this one up. I only read it because you posted it - I figured it was something about free lodging, food, air filter maintanence & tire changing if we came to Pa to ride with you :)



Can't edit the topic :) I hate it when that happens!

If you want I do have everything covered that you asked about...except tire changing :D.

Come on and join us :D



Count me in too. I would prefer to have them say "" though. LOL. :)



Life is nothing but a game.... he who has the most fun wins!

Bill, count me in. Sounds like a great idea. Do you offer any guarantee's for increasing speed?

Yes Bill Please include me for (2) sets. Thanks for asking everybody.

count me in.

maybe you should post this on the 250f and yz side as well.


Looks like that one was a hit. Sign me up. (1)


I am also interested. Put me down for a set. Well.... I dont know.... if our bikes look alike people may think Im as slow as you. LOL See you in June.


i'm in.


Make it 2 sets for me Bill. :)

You might need to make a new posting to get more attention, something like- THUMPERTALK.COM DECALS.


Please count me in for two sets. Let me know when and where, to send the money.



I had no idea that the response would be this great :). I may have to ask you guys for money up front. This may be a larger financial risk, than I want to take :D.

It is good to see all of you guys willing to support our site :D


I'm still in. Let us know how to get the money to you.

Will these add 5 horse per sticker like the huge stickers on the lowered honda civics. Maybe a "POWERED BY YAMAHA" sticker would make sure I was the fastest rider on the track.


When in doubt, GAS IT!

Still in ! :)

After further consideration I would like 2 sets. Good work Bill!!

I need 2 sets

good idea!!!!


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