Using a doner cycle for WR electrical system

I have a 81 Yamaha Maxim 550 street bike. It is a parts bike, I was wondering if I could use anything off it to help convert my 2000 WR 400 to street legal. It is already street legal from the previous owner but has no horn, turn signal, ect. I would like to run a gps and other accessories with DC power. Do you think I can pull anything off the doner bike to accomplish this. I understand you need a rectifier, would the Maxim already have that? Obvously the Maxim is a full street bike with the works so maybe I can make use of some parts from it. What do you all think?

Went from a 2 smoke to the WR and LOVE IT, can wait to hit the trails!

I use a small air horn intended for marine use. Size of a can of mace or pepper spray. Located in front of bar pad, behind headlight number plate shroud.

I am installing battery operated 3-LED bicycle safety lights from Pricepoint as turn signals. Available in clear lens with yellow LEDs. $10/pair. Something like 100+ hour run time. Will stay constantly lit, or flash, or scroll. No guarantees as to DOT legality though. Eliminate wiring hassles. May not pass inspection, but not an issue where I am from. Just something to demonstrate apparent compliance at night (which is when I ride on-road the most, due to schedule)

I think the part from the street bike that would be most useful would be the brake light actuators.

You can fab a license plate mount from sheet metal. Looks like a "T", with narrow part bolted to underside of fender using tail light bolts, and "top" of T bent down 45 degrees to mount license plate.

Just my .02 :D

The brake light is done and the licence plate holder as well. I read a few options about making a horn which should be easy. I am mainly thinking about having DC power available for free just for the convenience of being able to run accessories. Maybe pull a cart behind me with a 12 inch sub woofer just kidding :D Thanks for the blinker idea, they are not a must for me but maybe I'll do it some day.

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