I know it's been said and discussed but I could not find a listing of parts for the starter upgrade on the 2003 WR450 in the search area.... Looks to me on a microfiche that there is a big tooth wheel 2 washers and... what do I need? list please... and need to do to install the stuff. grateful to you geniuses.

Order these parts from Yamaha: $.76 Bushing, p/n 90380-10002-00, updates the 03 side case cover to 04 specifications; Cover Assy (small, 2 bolts hold it on), p/n 5TJ-1549B-00-00; Torque Limiter (Yamaha calls it a Washer) p/n 5JT-15560-00-00; and 2ea Washers, Plate, p/n 90201-105A8-00. You shouldn't need a new gasket for the new cover assy. The gasket is really an o'ring and can be reused. I paid a "good guy" price of $213.65 for all of my parts. I've had the updated parts in my 2003 for nearly 2 years and no problems.

:D for Zanotti. Great deal.

You do need a new o-ring for the new cover if it doesn't come with one. They are different sizes/thicknesses.

Scottyp is correct. The circumference of the o'ring is the same, but the thickness must be different. The part numbers between 2003 and 2004 are different also. I used the 2003 o'ring and it seems to be working just fine, however.

I incorrectly typed the part number for the 2004 "Torque Limiter". It should read Dampener, p/n 5TJ-15560-00-00 instead of 5JT-15560-00-00.

I checked out the Zanotti website that PBD Blue recommended and the prices are awesome for the necessary parts to upgrade to the 2004 configuration. Didn't check shipping/handling costs though. Less than $170 for peace of mind is worth every penny!!!!

I tried the 2003 (thicker) o-ring, but could not get the cover on without damaging the o-ring. The sharp edges of the cover and engine side-cover sliced it up pretty good. I would reccomend the 04 o-ring for the price.

Here is exactly what I ordered from Zanotti:

5TJ-15560-00-00 - torque limiter - 1 @ $140.20

5TJ-1549B-00-00 - torque limiter cover - 1 @ $19.80 (includes O-ring)

90201-105A8-00 - thrust washers - 2 @ $4.96

90380-10002-00 - bushing - 1 @ $0.54

See this link for a detailed description of everything you need to do


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