camo plastic?

does anyone here know where to find camo plastic for dirt bikes?

ummmmm no where?

No such thing as camo plastic.

A buddy of mine Chilly found some rolls of camo tape (about 3" wide) and covered his 300mxc with it.

It looks so damn COOL!!!!

there was a pic of a XR650r done in full camo on here a couple years ago...the guy was riding in death valley i think--it was cool. might be in the 650 show us your bike string?

you can get most sticker shops to wip up some camo sticker sheets, cut them to size and then seal it all up with lots of thick stretchable clear.

tim/chilli idea sounds like it would work. but then there is the issue---do you go with fall foliage or mossy oak, desert storm or enduring freedom? :D

stickers is all u can my oppinion, stickers are kinda dumb.

thanks guys,ive decided to go with black



i can find black plastic stuff,this is actually my brother in laws bike im working on,he says he hates red,also the seat is a goner,side panels are pinstriped pretty bad.last year he hit a small deer on the pavement in high gear,he got it way worse than the bike-baaad roadrash!

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