1.2L are they sure?

I am thinking yamaha put a misprint in the 2003 yz450f manuals. They say the total amount of oil is 1.2L. But after I put in closer to 1.3L in my last oil change, the oil barely registers on the dipstick. The oil line doesn't even make it to half-way between full and add mark. I know they wanted to shed weight on this particular year & model but...why would they skimp on the life-blood of the machine? Is it ok to add a little more to take er' on up to full mark? I followed the correct procedures in the manual(which as far as covering the details on the oil level inspection, the manual is very vague). They say to idle over 3 minutes then check. Pretty vague. When over 3 minutes should you stop the engine?When turning off the engine, how quickly should you check it? Pretty vague. Engine oil to me is probably the number one easiest thing you can take care of to protect the longevity of the machine. I am not too happy with the fact that they wanted to cut weight by decreasing the oil amount. But I also know that the consequences of having too much oil is often worse than not having enough. So what do you all think...

The capacity of the tank itself was not changed when the recommended oil charge was reduced, only the dipstick and its location. You could run 1.5 liters with no trouble at all. Just be careful opening the dipstick. Check the oil when it's hot for a more accurate read, though.

And the consequences of too much oil, however smokey and messy they might be, are NEVER as bad as not having enough.

And the consequences of too much oil, however smokey and messy they might be, are NEVER as bad as not having enough.


I just dump in 1.5 qts and go ride.

My buddy gets anal about it and spends 2 hours adjusting his level to run at the top of the dipstick.

I was just concerned to find out if this was an isolated thing or does everyone's dipstick read like mine does? Thanks for the help guys(and girls if you are)!

I measure at the track when I have ridden the bike some. If I put in the recommended 1.1 liters when changing the filter, the oil level is right at the top of the dipstick.

Just dump in 1.5 quarts, ride it, and put it up. If there is no oil sitting on the garage floor and it doesn't smoke then your oil level is fine. That is the only two places the oil can go.

Remember, your bike is a Dry Sump system. Oil isn't stored in the engine, so increasing the oil charge does not raise the oil level in the cranckcase at all UNTIL you put so much in it that when the return pump sends it up to the tank, it no longer all fits there. It takes about two full quarts to arrive at that point with a YZF, though, so you needn't worry too much.

Wow, thanks guys. Useful info! :D

Yes they are sure, : warm your bike up and you will see the oil at normal operating level. :D

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