Eibach Coil Spring Fitting


I am pretty new to this game so hope someone can help. I want to buy a stronger spring for the mono on my 2004 XR650R . On the Eibach site they have the required spring to match my weight (I'm 6'4" at 240lbs ) which is a 11.5 kg spring which is great... but that is for a model 2002 XR650R .... question will that fit the 2004 model??


About 99.875% sure that it will fit. All the XR 650 R's stayed relatively the same through the years. The only real differance is cosmetic; the graphics and seat covers. And, in early 2000 they had a faulty countershaft seal, but that was fixed. But, other then that, all the mechanical stuff is the same.

It'll work........... :D

The xr650r springs from year 2000 to 2006 are the same in terms of being interchangable.

I think an 11.5 spring for a 240lb guy is too much spring but it would be OK if you're 280lbs. You may want to consider an 11.0 unless you're much heavier than 240lbs.

Here's a chart to work from...



Thanks for that I was going on the calculation on RaceTech site , It gives 11.5.

RaceTech and Lindermann Engineering give spring rates calculated by a computer that is setup for MX. They are one to two spots to stiff and the balancing front to back is not for trail riding. XR's only and Barnum's uses the best chart. This is the spring rates that most the Baja Racers use.

It can be fond at the bottom of these pages.

Fork Page Click Here: :D

Shock Page Click Here: :D

You need to use as much of your suspension as possible, without bottoming. To stiff of springs stops this from happening. The suspension all needs to work to gether so, that you absorb as much of the hit that you can without hitting bottom. The valving needs to be adjusted so that you have the right bypass and the shims controle the flow of fluid for different hits.

This page isn't finished and doesn't all make sense but, it gives a better picture of what is going on:

Suspension setup page, Click Here: :D

All About the XR650R: :eek:

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