Probs w/ BRP

I've had my BRP almost since it was new, and there are a few probs that keep bugging me. First one is, is the right footpeg; mine keeps breaking. I've been buying grade 8 bolts, and have used that shim kit offered by SRC. And the damn thing STILL breaks off. Anyone have any fixes for this?

Secondly, I've had this annoying ticking coming from my top end for some time now. And heres what I've done to try to solve it. Did a complete rebuild, and had the cyl relined by millenium technologies. New piston/rings/pin. New valves, and new cam chain. Head also got machined while it was apart. Anyone else have any head problems w/ it making too much noise as well, or am I just that lucky?

Does the ticking sound like a 10 speed bicycle when coasting and not pedaling? Cause I have had that too. It usually is noticable when you first start the bike and then disappears as the bike warms up.

For the footpeg read the archives for info, theres plenty. :D

The ticking is probly your normal valve lash sounds........ :D

mine makes noises and it still hauls ass..... :D

For the footpeg read the archives for info, theres plenty. :D

The ticking is probly your normal valve lash sounds........ :D

mine makes noises and it still hauls ass..... :D

If he is referring to the noise I'm mentioning then it is not valve lash. The valves on the XR650R when properly adjusted are really very quite.

I had the Honda shop mechanic listen to mine and he said he had never that before. It is not threatening sounding and seems to stay the same. It could be a timing chain noise of some kind which not all XR650's have. My first one did not make this noise. 2000 miles on my second one and the noise has not changed at all. It's more appearant when the bike is first started and then becomes very difficult to hear or totally goes away as the bike warms up. Its a very fast rachet like sound. Almost like the Kicker did not fully return to position. It is on the right side of the motor.

Thumpmeister are we talking about the same sound? Are you absolutely sure it's coming from the top of the motor?

Are you running a metal skid plate? If so remove it and see if the sound is still there. Sometimes skid plates echo a noise which normally you just would not hear.

To save you the time of searching, THE fix for the footpeg problem is the Precision Concepts footpeg mount. You drill out one of the threaded holes in the frame, and install a new footpeg bracket that wraps around the frame to the back. Then install one bolt as normal, and another longer bolt that acts in double shear and has a nyloc nut hold it from the other side through the drilled hole. Pricy at $119, but it works. Click Here

Mine makes some engine noise too. I thought they all did. I run it very hard in SM mode but never have a problem, runs "like a rabbit at the wrong end of a gun..." :D

THE answer to the right hand peg fix : $75 here

I may not jump the bike too high, but with 300lbs+ of rider and gear... I'd say this one holds up :D

the answer to the footpeg problem is for Honda to fix it!

I've often heard the oil pump make some noise.

valve tapping is a very distinct tap tap tap tap tap tap tap

lots of new noises come with a bigger skid plate...the '02 bikes have thicker cases to quiet them down a bit....i always like to throw that one in when i have a chance :D

Dang that's a good price. I could be wrong though (and somene correct me if I'm wrong), but I thought Precision Concepts came up with the idea for the bracket first. If not then thats cool, but it sucks to have a company take your idea (both brackets are identical from the looks of it), knock it off, and under sell you because there was no R&D involved. :D

but I thought Precision Concepts came up with the idea for the bracket first.

from the pictures I have seen, they aren't identical, just similar.

I got the fix for the footpeg from Kritter here on TT.

As far as the noise goes, mine makes some noise but nothing annoying. Some of the noise on mine comes from the countershaft sprocket and I can here the oil pump when it first starts up but not while riding.

Thats good to hear about the footpeg; I've been waiting for someone to get sick enough of the stupid thing breaking and finally offer a better fix. Secondly, on to the top end. I have new valves, and a new cam chain, so I know THOSE aren't it. The valves have been adjusted and re-adjusted to a 'snug' spec, so I'm pretty sure thats not it. As the one guy was saying about it sounding like a 10 speed bicycle, it sounds SIMILAR to that, but mine is fairly loud, and doesn't seem to go completely away when the bike is warmed up; just slightly less from when it was cold. I don't know how to describe it best, but it DEFINATLY is top end noise. A Honda tech thought its the decompressor wearing out, but when it was apart, I checked, and it was just fine. The bike runs good, doesn't smoke, but this top end noise is really pissing me off cause I know its not like it should be.

Oh, ok cool. Hard to tell from the pictures.

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