Case in the shop.....

I have had a small crack in my YZ400 case for awhile now. Nothing serious but it leaks a tad even with the JB Weld applied to it. So I finally break down and take it in to the shop to be fixed. By the way it sucked tearing the motor out of the frame for the first time! :D

So I get it down to the shop and they give me a decent price on 2 new case halves and the labor. This was all done the last week of June.

I gave them about 3-4 weeks before I started calling them up to get status on the work. Oh, by the way, they couldn't weld the inside. The crack was to long and too wide. No big deal. I like the fact that they will be new and fresh. The also include checking the valves and whatnot.

So they tell me that they're working on it and it should only be about another week.

I call in a week and they told me that they needed to get some seals that they had forgotten. I say OK.....Keep me posted. They have yet to call me!

Since then I have called about every 4 days or so to see where they're at with it. I keep getting the same ol. We needed to get some dowels we forgot to order...blah blah blah.

So at this point, almost 2 months into it, what am I to do? Get really pissed off on the phone with them risking who knows what to my engine? Or just ride it out until they call me?

I'm frustrated. Seems like I have tried everything. Maybe I', just being impatient??

HELP!!!! :D

You've been screwed.

You need to demand a completion date today.

They've had it too long already. Demand compensation. Like throw in some new gear, or something. Let him know what damage can be done by a little post on Thumpertalk.

You've been screwed.

You need to demand a completion date today.


I'd go back and ask for them to show you what the problem is...

that way you can see if they're BS'ing you, if your engine is wrapped up in rags in a corner of the workshop, ya know you're screwed...

That sucks man. I would definatly be calling them and explaining youve waited long enough and that you need a final completion date for you engine. If they keep giving you the run around then just show up un-announced and collect your engine to bring somewhere else. And inform them that if any of the parts are missing that you will send them the bill.. Hopefully it doesnt come to terms like this but holy crap 2 months?? thats crazy.

I agree with all here, the longer your motor is apart in a shop the more likelyhood there is for parts to be missplaced. Not knowing what to order to repair a motor (or anyones forte) is a good sign of someone not knowing what the he!! there doing.LOL

If i were you. i would call them one last time and if they give you the same bullshit id go down to the shop and demand the motor better be ready in 2 days or somethin like that. if they cant do it sue em......

Go grab your parts. Take them to Lindsay Machine in midvale. Steve will have you up and running by next friday.

Prices are good.Not cheap, but damn good work. They will not hose you.

Get this! Just called to see what was up and they toldme the motor has not been good to them. They could not pull the fly wheel and stator off the crank. In fact they mushroomed the crank trying to get the parts off!

I'm so freakin pissed at this point I can't even see straight!!

They wantme to go half on the cost of a new crank, flywheel, and stator.

I feel so........SCREWED!!!! :D:D:D:eek::eek:

Say's he's going to callme back on the cost of the parts. I think I'll just tell him that ain't gonna fly. They're gonna suck it up and eat it. Not me! freaking bastages!! :eek::D:D:D:p:D:eek:

They screwed up so they should fix it.. I dont see how they figure that because of their poor workmanship its gonna cost you. The only way they could of mushroomed the crank is from them hitting it with a hammer, thats bad. Cant be much of a shop if they dont even have the proper puller for your flyweel. I would call them back and tell them straight.

Keep a copy of the written estimate and written accounts of all experiences, dates, times, and names of all contacts. Notify the owner/manager of your dis-satisfaction. Ask him what method was used to remove the fly wheel and stator to determine if factory recommended tools were used (the tool numbers are in the shop manuals). Ask him to show you the tools. If he refuses, make a note of what was discussed, the time, date, and any witnesses (take one with you). Demand that he return your engine and pay you full retail price for the crank, and any other damaged parts. Inventory and photograph the engine while at his shop and ask him to initial the results. If he is uncooperative, let him know that you will be filing a claim in the magistrate court and it will cost him much more later. Also, that you ride with many friends and they are all going to hear your experience, as well as the BBB and the internet forums. Sometimes it's fun to be an ahole.

I would definitely NOT trust him to complete the work. If they've screwed it up so far (which it sounds like they've only gotten about 20 minutes into splitting the cases, right?) then I would say they cannot be depended upon to put the motor together correctly. It's hard to get someone who cares as much about your things as you do......

The service manager called me back and could not yet give me prices from where they ordered the new parts. He said he would let me know tomorrow. I asked him about the process, as far as the damage they had done and said that sounds like something you would be doing at the beginning of the work. He said I was correct. I said what the hell have you been doing for 7 weeks then He said it took that long to order parts.....some where on backorder. Kinda made a little sense.

He apologized all over the place and wants to make it right. I just don't know if I should incur any more of the cost for new parts.

He stated that they used the correct puller and that's what mushroomed the crank. Said it was totally seized on the crank, therefore having to cut it to remove the flywheel and stator. Thing is they should have called me and let me know what was going on before they did this "work".

I should know more tomorrow and I also need to talk with the owner and see the damaged parts. Good thinking!!

More to be revealed.

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