!!i Need A 400/426 Motor For My 99' Yz400

does anyone have or know where to find a YZ 400f, or YZ426F motor that i could buy. it will cost me 800$ to repair mine, so i want a newer 426 if possible. any help would be appreciated greatly. thanks :D:D

I will sell ya mine... but the bike comes with it LOL. Seriously though, I dont know where your gonna find one unless your lucky enough to find someone parting out. I would start watching Ebay, maybe you will find one there.

i have found one on ebay but don't know the reserve yet. i would prefer a wr426, then change the timing.

Why a WR? For the transmission gearing?

precisely.. i ride all single track out here in the desert (phx, AZ) and the yz is fine but since i have to do so much work, i might as well set it up how i want. right??

Well the taller gearing will be a plus.. wish I had a WR transmisssion in mine since I have mine converted to street.

WELLL!!!! sell me your engine and then you go buy a WR..LOL :D

C'mon Bo.. it'll work out great

I will sell you a complete 00' YZ426 for $2000. Stock as a rock and runs like new. I would think you could "part out" the rest of the bike for around $1200 or keep it for spare parts. Has the full Yamaha of Troy graphics/seat kit and a full extra set of plastic comes with it. It's a very sharp looking bike. Going in for foot surgery tomorrow afternoon and won't be riding for six weeks. If you can find me a buyer for the rolling chassis, I will sell you just the motor for whatever as long as I can get 2 grand out of the whole deal. :D

If you buy that, you can part out the rest of the bike on Ebay and could end up with a good motor for cheap.

i found one guys, thanks. it is here local, brand new everything never put back in bike$$$700$$$ bones. i lucked out. huh!! i don't think so... answered prayers my friends... :D:eek::D:D

I'd have the 444 kit done while I was at it.

I'm 444'n my 00 WR400 right now. What can I expect with the 444?


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