Maxxis Tires, anyone used them, good - bad?

Maxxis Tires, anyone used them, good - bad? just wondering if anyone has run these and what they think of then. been a dunlop 756 user for a while, but with the 450 seems to eat up anything.


I run the Maxxis on the rear and the 756 up front.....It's a great combination on the vast majority of terrain.

A friend of mine has an IT on the rear and he likes it really well. I might try one and when I do I will post my thoughts about it. I hear they are pretty heavy but if it last longer because of the weight it is worth it in my mind.

Im running the same combo as Flintlock...Maxxis in back with the 756 up great.

Ive never used them before but I must have read 1000 posts here about them.

I used to be a 756 guy, until I rode a bike with Maxxis IT's on it. Absolutely love em. Havent tried the 756 front and IT on the rear combo, But I have also beeing riding a buddies bike with e Carlsbad, and I really like the hook-up of that tire also...

If you ride in soft stuff, the carlsbad tire by kenda sucks. the millville is ok it just wears quickly. i will be buying a Maxxis IT here shortly. by the way the 756 is a great tire for the front.

I have one on the back now and don't like it. The 756 that came with my 426 was much better all around.

I like using the Maxxis SI up front and IT out back.

I like using the Maxxis SI up front and IT out back.
I've had the IT front, and I didn't care for it at all. The SI is supposed to be much better up front.

Ive got a maxxis on the front and a dunlop 756 outback, front tire works very well, unles you hit hardpack that it. Ive noticed the mavvis wears extremely well, unlike the 756 that decided to rip it self up when i did some rocky trail-riding, i know its not meant for that type of riding but stil..........

I've been runnin the IT out back and the 756 up front for 2 years now. I've been more than happy with the Maxxis IT. It wears like iron, costs very little and works well in a variaty of conditions. My only complaint is, like others have said, it's a little heavy. Oh, and it's a real b:censored:ch to but on. I think its a bit stiffer than other tires I've changed. On the other hand, maybe it's because I'm just out of practice changing tires since I don't have to do it nearly as often with the Maxxis. :D

I have one on the back now and don't like it. The 756 that came with my 426 was much better all around.

Totaly agree. Small chunks have come off some of the nobbies and it is still new.

I had a ST on the front and IT on the back on my 426. Didn't like the ST on the front. I have changed that to a Michelin MS3. The MS3 grips better and lasts longer.

I have one on the rear of my xr650 now. It has worn pretty well considering it has been to Lorretta Lynns a few times in the rain. That place is hard on tires in the rain because of the rocks. It's a good tire for the money and a little harder to put on.

i know there is plenty of post but i am running both front and rear maxxis and i love them.

The IT in the rear works very well! A 742 Dunlop up front!

Im beginning to hate maxxis tires after my 3rd rear.

Yea they wear good, but they are a bitch to install and its no fun if you have bad flat tire luck like me.Also, I installed a 752 temporarily until I could afford another maxxis, and it hooked up so much better then the maxxis ever could. My next tire change will be with the new dunlop long wearing tire, could easy changing, long wear, and good traction live in harmony?

Maxxis C6001 intermediate always held up good on my old wr400. Hooked very well also. I haven't had as good results with on my 2 stroke though, seemed wear rather quick. The funny thing is they can look real warn but still hook up.

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