00wr400 jetting Help!

I just changed to YZ timing,switched to EKP#4 needle,45 pilot,2.25 pilot screw,170 main,WB E series,high boy header,12 discs,45degrees,2000 ft. elevetion.Let bike warm up,appears to run fine go 5 to6 miles bike will begin to cut out and miss won't take throttle,let sit and idle and it will be ready to go again. Best I can figure is that bike cools down running along at 50-60 on the dirt roads,then stop let idle comes back up to tempeture and will go again.

Try 1.75 turns. If that makes no difference, go back to 2.25 turns and move the needle to clip #3. Test run again.

Let us know how it works.


Thanks,J.D. upon further investigation and lots of thinking which way to turn I pulled the plug to find a tan electrode and the rest very black. I then changed plugs and started leaning things out.Ended up with EKP#3,165 main, 45 pilot,2 out on FS.I've since put an additional 30 miles on dirt roads today at same tempeture as previous day.I think I got IT! Thanks again for the come back.

Randy and others,

I have run both this setting and mcarp's richer setting in "JETTING SUCCESS" under different conditions. Keep in mind the clip and pilot screw are important tuning features to use as warmer temperatures come this summer and higher altitudes open up. This is great to see you resolve it so quickly.

Variations between bikes can be an important factor.

It would be interesting to see what a jetting spreadsheet shows at higher temps & altitudes. The settings you have here are what I would expect at 70F and 3000ft elev. for most bikes.


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