WR450 03 Kick Idle Gear Failure

Hi Guys

I need a bit of advice from someone who has experience with the kick start mechanism on an 03 WR450.


The Kick Idle Gear shattered when a bolt that holds in the transfer oil tube, that sends oil to the left side of the engine, backed out at just the right time shattering the kick idle gear and the driven gear on the clutch basket. But never started I might add..

I tore it down got all 3 peices of the kick idle gear, replaced the clutch basket with a Hinson Basket and used the driven gears from a used stock basket I happen to have. I removed the kick start and checked it out no injury. I built up the clutch with new friction disk and plates and new screw for the Rekluse.

I started the bike and the kick start dog gears were screaming. I tore it back down, checked it out and found the ear on the dog gear (ratched gear) was not positioned far enough up in to its slot in the case. So I put it all back together and start it up and no ratchet gear noise. Take it for a short spin to check out the clutch and perfect. Then I hear some ratchet gear noise at higher rpm. Stop, kill the motor and kick start it. No noise, do it again and no noise. Run it thru the gears and I hear the ratchet gear again only at higher rpm. I put pressure on the shaft at idle and I get a slight ratchet gear noise like you have engaged the kick starter with the engine running. So what it filters down to is . I need some advice before I tear it down again. I don't want go thru the process again until I know any tricks out there to building up the kick start assembly. I went thru great pains making sure the dog ear on the ratchet gear was in the right position.

Indy where are you??

Indy has been riding a lot lately!

My buddy WRer had a similar problem with his 03 WR450. Check to see that you have the wheel ratchet behind the kick starter gear hits the stopper. My buddies stopper broke and the small broken piece jammed the oil pump gear and cracked the case. :D

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