03 yz450 exh cam in my 99 yz400f, what is needed?

I went to my local dealership & purchased the 03 yz450f exh cam & a plug to cover the decompression lever opening. Is there anything else I should do to the bike when it's torn apart?

I purchased the bike probably 6 weeks ago

I would get a new cam chain and consider a new tensioner. It will save you money down the road.

cool, I will order them tomorrow

anything else?

I was thinking of upping the displacement to 430 or whatever is available but I figured that would be more $$$ then I should dump into the bike

If you bought the $3 rubber plug from Yamaha throw it in the trash and get the TT decomp plug, it will never blow or fall out like the rubber plug from Yamaha.

I'm go'n hot cams......they have warrntees...

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