Evil dealers, cycletrader, and 06 450s

Motorcycle Brokers claims to be receiving their 2006 YZ 450F's in September has anyone else heard about an early delivery through Canada?


You do not want a Canadian bike, they are a different bike from the US version.

How are they different?

There only a couple of differences. Contingency, Tires & warranty.

I bought an '03 YZ250F from Canada and had no problems. In fact the exchange rate was so good at the time that I was able to sell it a year later for almost what I payed for it! At that time the bike came w/a diff silencer (FIM model) & different tires (I think they were 756's) & no 30 day warranty. These bikes also are not eligible for Contingency. If you are racing and looking to earn a couple $ don't buy Canadian.

Lastly, you will not get much in the way of dealer support. This fact didn't/doesn't bother me.

The biggest question I have is how are Motorcycle Brokers (& Canada) getting their bikes so much earlier than the uS dealers?

Checked back with Motorcycle Brokers and they claim the 2006 YZ450F is the US Model and that they will be available in September?

Will keep you posted. Anyone heard anything about these bikes being tested anywhere yet?

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