JT 12 or 13?

anyone know if a 13 tooth Jt front sproket will fit on an xr650l or is it to small? i have also seen 12 tooth sprokets but im pretty srue it would be to small......i dont know. hers a link for both.........if at all possable, i would run the 12 in the front in the dirt then flip it over to 15 on the street.

13 tooth: http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/Product.jsp?skuId=8096313&store=Main&productId=p80963&catId=&leafCatId=

12 tooth: http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/Product.jsp?skuId=8096312&store=Main&productId=p80963&catId=&leafCatId=

would the chain wear to much on the track because of the small sproket?

Yes it would wear more than normal. Go with the 13. However, you said before you're dropping 3 teeth in the back and going down 1 or 2 in the front. It basically evens out to what you had. Go up in the front or down in the back for more topend speed or go down in the front or up in the rear for more torque/acceleration. 1 tooth in the front is equivelant to about 2 1/2 to 3 in the rear.

I think it would wear the swingarm slider ... also, much tighter turn for the chain to make, not the best idea

yeah....thats what i though.....i think ill just leave it at 14.....good enough.

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