Help a newb find parts ...

Just picked up a 99 650L this week (my first bike since my 3 year old

1979 TT-500 ...), my daughter asked me if I'm having a mid life crisis. :D

Anyway, it needs new levers, front left blinker, fork boots, etc. Just a

bunch of little things. What's a good online source where I can pick these

parts up all at once?

Thanks for any help.

You could always hit up the local dealership :D

nothing like giving a local company your business.

other then that, the TT store might have them, or for OE stuff you can go to

great aftermarket prices and service at ... BUT, check out the ThumperTalk store before purchasing ... wouldn't hurt for them to make a coupla bucks for the trouble of maintaining these forums :D

Try Speak w/ pooh.Good service and great prices..........

I buy OEM parts from Good prices but take about 7-10 days. Log on and go to the micro fich and look up your bike. This site in great for OEM parts.

ebay has some stuff you may be interested in. Search xr650l.

Happy Weekend People !

Has anyone come across an enduro type faring for the 650 R or L ?

Thanks in advance.

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