Carb position on 2001 YZ426

Could anyone tell me whether the carburetor

on a 2001 YZ426 is supposed to be completely

veritical when keyed into the rubber manifold or

whether it is supposed to be a little off-vertical?



It has a slight lean to it. Both sides of the rubber coupling have notches that are supposed to line up with a tab in the head and the carb. If the tabs are resting in the middle of the notches, you cant go wrong.

Thanks. I appreciate it.


what will it cause if it it not lined up with the marks

I was asking about my carb being off-vertical because I've been trying to figure out what causes my engine to cut-out. I was thinking the carb might should be vertical and since mine isn't this could cause the fuel to lift the floats in the bowl too soon and shut off the fuel supply. I think I'm wrong. It looks like I have a transmission problem.


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