stripped threads

I have a 2005 yz250F, and my threads are stripped where the oil filter cover bolts on. It's only the bottom bolt, but the threads go into the side of the trans, so I don't want to heli coil it to fix them. I've already tried thread chasers too and it didn't work, any ideas?

If you want to fix it, you're going to have to stop not wanting to Heli-Coil it. Remove the cover from the engine and install a Time-Sert or a Heli-Coil.

The bottom bolt is the funky one with the thick shaft in the middle before the threads. Are you sure it bolts into the transmission case? I thought it bolted into the side cover.

Its a tough call. If you don't want to go the Heli coil route, maybe consider drilling the existing hole slightly larger ( as long as there's enough meat around it), tapping some new threads and getting a bigger bolt to match.

You cannot drill it out bigger and tap new threads in it because it is a special bolt...You have to listen to grayracer and take the side cover off and insert a heli-coil or a timesert in there..It really is not that hard to do, I did it a few months ago and it worked great..Just be sure to locktite the heli-coil in. I actually like it better this way because now I have steel threads and I dont have to worry about the steel threads near as much as the weak aluminum ones...

Okay, I yield to your collective correctness :D

I would have gone with the helicoil too. I guess I was being too accommodating. :D

to take off that side cover, don't u have to split the cases?

I had the same bolt strip on me. I assumed the hole was stripped, but the threads on the bolt were pretty thin too. Before messing with the heli-coil, I went to the hardware store and bought a new cap head M6(I think) bolt that was close to the same length. I was able to snug it up without stripping it again. I have changed oil several time since then and it is still holding. The heli-coil might be the best fix, but you might try a new bolt first just in case it holds. If it holds, you bought yourself some time for a cheap price and no hassle.

my bolt wasn't holding properly also,... i was changing my oil at the practice track and it would not do up :D i had to compromise with some duct tape, loctite and super glue!. its happened to me before and it has been the bolt threads that have stripped, opinion, check the bolt first as its the easy fix. :D

to take off that side cover, don't u have to split the cases?
Eh, no...

I'm not talkin about the clutch cover.

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