Enduro type fairing

Happy Weekend People !

Has anyone come across an enduro type faring for the 650 R or L ?

Thanks in advance.

whats a faring?

Get a KLR 650 fairing.


opps sorry

a faring is similar to a fairing,, only slighty lighter ,,, because there is no i in it !

Actually looking for a frame mounted Dakar type shroud that will work with the Honda 650L and a large IMS or Clarke tank.


maybe something from the Honda Africa Twin, Trans Alp, etc., could be modified to work, but I think you're talking major $$$$$$ no matter how you go .. good luck

Enduro fairing?

Is that like a roadracing knobbie tire?

darn, that photobucket link isn't working :D

Look up Irondude in this forum he has a rad XR650R that he ran in the Dakar. He added a BMW GS650 Dakar fairing to his XR. Looks sweet. Sorry the link doesnt work.

BINGO ! exactly what I'm looking for.

I hope to do a six week ride ( Calgary, Alberta to Tuk, NorthWest Territories ) next summer.

Thanks I appriceate for your help.

I added the BMW GS650 Dakar windshield to my 400S. It works very well and takes the brunt of wind off up to mid-helmet, is small enough for off-road, and looks great. About 130 bucks.

I tried all kinds of things....

I ended up taking a Baja Designs Tecate light (both HID and halogen) and a BD quick detach dual sport kit with a GS650Dakar fairing (there are several lengths and clear/smoked)--anyway i found a dealer with 3-4 of the windscreens in stock and just walked in with the Tecate light and matched it with one that looked like it would fit.

It fit very very well. Its amazing how well it stops the wind, rain and snow. Really nice to tuck into. Its also really surprising how little it gets in the way off-road. Like never! This surprised me the most.

For a time i considered making up a few--really i think BD or some other aftermarket company would sell hundreds.

Two things to consider:

Buy the metal backing plate that BD uses on their quick detach dual sport kit--it greatly strengthens the plastic tecate light.

Also-BD sells extensions that allow the whole unit to be mounted on the forks of any bike....they allow the unit to be mounted about 3 inches out front. Works great. Route the cables behind it.

Heres the cockpit view.


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