Wanted: XR650R

I am looking for a nice used XR650R if anyone in the Pennsylvannia or maryland area is selling theirs please contact me. :D

Email: brprider138@earthlink.net

Phone: (717)-630-8027



heres a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!! www.cycletrader.com here, ill make it easy for u!

its an l but... http://adcache.cycletrader.com/5/6/8/80482168.htm

another l http://adcache.cycletrader.com/5/1/0/80374410.htm

yet another l http://adcache.cycletrader.com/5/8/1/80556181.htm

and another //www.cycletrader.com/caddetail.html?/ad-cache/5/8/1/80556181.htmhttp://adcache.cycletrader.com/5/8/1/80556181.htm

hmmmmmmmm no r's in pen sul vanya...you will have to check mary land.

Wasn't Misfit asking about a XR650R? wr450fyamaha, the first three ads you posted were XR650Ls, not the same thing. I also figured he was asking if anyone had a bike that they were looking to get rid of, or at least knew someone that was looking to get rid of a XR650R. In that case the history of the bike would at least be some what credible.

lol yea lookin for a 650r not an 650L i already have an L.

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