decals for sale!

I will be purchasing some arched front fender decals from SoCal Decal for the front fender of the WR and YZ's. They are made from 16mil vinyl (heavy duty) and will show your pride for this great site. I will have them printed as "".

I will hold the post open until 3/23. At that time I will be counting up the total number of sets requested and determining the price. There will be no mark up, other than shiping cost to me and then to you. The cost will be $10 per set of two for 25 sets ordered or $8 per set of two decals for 50 sets ordered.

From there I will request everyone send their money to me and I'll order them. I will wait for two weeks (4/6) to receive everyones money. If you punk out, the cost of the decals to everyone may go up and I'll post your name :)........Not :D! But please only request what you are definetly going to buy.

Please post here how many sets of two you want and use my email address ( to confirm and provide your email address. That way I can send those members my address for payment.

As mentioned earlier, I do not have Bryans approval for this, but I will provide a set to him for free :D.

Thanks for the awesome response, it's great to know that you that you are all proud to be ThumperHeads :D

Did I do better this time :D :D :D?



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Common sense says get the money PRIOR to placing the order!! Unfortunately based upon prior experience.

Bill- I'll take two sets.

i'll take two sets as well. just let me know when and where to send the money. this is the coolest site i have found and i want more people to know about it


y2k wr, airbox lid and baffle removed, 180 main, 45 pilot, 426yz er needle,

wr timing

Bill, I'll take one set. Make em look trick :)


Great Idea! I'll sign up for 2 sets as well. These will be the coolest stickers on my bike! :)


Life is nothing but a game.... he who has the most fun wins!

Put me down for two. Thanks, Dougie

This is soooooooo cool! Thanks Bill! YOU 'DA MAN!

We need to talk sometime soon about some other stuff too.


Put me in for (1) set.


I'll take 2 sets.

I'll take one set. I'll email you to get the info on where to send the money. Out of curiosity, are these stickers just going to be black lettering with a clear sticker? I want to make sure they will look okay on my bike with the yellow Huricane plastics.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

They are white decals with a black outline to create the verbage.

Bill :)


I'll take 2 sets.


Bill, I'll take 3 sets, great Idea.



Two for me.


put me down for 2 sets

BTW: I'll be joining you in June!!!! :)

Keep the Roost flowing,


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Two more here!

Count me in for 2 sets.


I'll take 2 sets... just let me know where to send the check.

Two sets plz.

Got to represent the locals too, I love colorado.

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