WR450F Rally Tuning

Hi everybody!

After 3000 km on Gobi desert in 2005 Beijing-Ulaanbaatar Rally I plan to by my own '06 WR450F. I found great brand for cockpit stuff (roadbook holders, tripmeters etc.) - Touratech, but maybe there is something cheaper?

I saw japanese guy on '05 WR250F with huge Acerbis tank (approx. 20 liter), 2 headlamps and wind deflector, but there was no time to ask him about specifications :D Maybe some of you guys know where and what to order?

Acerbis doesn't officially make bigger tanks than 12,5 liters. I heard that Yamaha Australia deals with large tanks, ~25 lites.

There are few companies in Europe making aluminium tanks for Rally bikes, but those kits are not cheap.

Take a look at my thread:


Seach for "acerbis tank" at this forum and you will get a lot of information.



I used to have a link to a website in Belgium that advertised complete Dakar setups for WR450s. They looked very similar to the Yamaha France WRs that have been running in the top 10 at Dakar. 30 liter tanks and fairings. Unfortunately, I cannot find that link. I will keep looking for it though.

I will wait for your belgium link :D

I'm still looking. I think the link was on my old hard drive that crashed. :D

But it shouldn't be too hard to find again...I hope.

At last! Japanese mechanic who helped me much in my first rally, his name is Katsumi Ishihara, gave me this information:

The big fuel tank which was mounted on #20WR450F was Australian product.

"R & V Aqualine"manufactures it. <enquiries@rvaqualine.com.au>

This manufacturer doesn't have the WEB site.

The tank capacity is 25 liters.

The image is on this site.


So if anybody need it, I've already ordered one and later will tell all interested what it is :banghead:

Hello Pablo,

You can find big or rally tanks here:

www.yamaha-motors.com.au -Y Shop - Yamalube



I ordred a 26 l tank from Switzerland for my brand new 05/wr 450 and I want to test it in the Tunisian Sahara in November.

The German tank very similar but expensive.

The Australian is my favorite shape but I have no time to wait it.

Aqualine in Sydney Australia makes a real nice 20 litre tanks for the Japanese & KTM big bore four strokes:

Email inquiry to: aqualine@netc.net.au


Email inquiry to: aqualine@netc.net.au


i wish i needed a 25l tank for my WR. 400km off road on a wr in one day would be fun.

i dont have the chance {place} to ride anything like that around here. my best in a day on my WR is 280km of mixed tight terrain. and that was about a 12 hour ride {8 hours wheel spin}.

Sweet! :applause: 25L Acerbis tank looks like it was made for the new Dakar rules where 450 is the max engine size now. 6 gallon tank should yield 240+ miles of dual sporting action! :bonk:

Sweet! :applause: 25L Acerbis tank looks like it was made for the new Dakar rules where 450 is the max engine size now. 6 gallon tank should yield 240+ miles of dual sporting action! :bonk:

what about the big BMWs?

As far as I know due to recent years of Motorcyle Dakar race deaths they are limiting the race to 450 cc maximum engine size for all future races. No more big BMWs or KTMs! Yamaha will rule the Dakar again! :applause::bonk::cry:

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