changed stock tire to maxxis SI, now have terriable headshake.

I changed out both front and rear tires. Went with a 120/100x18 on the rear which made the rear end a little taller. Also changed out the front to a Maxxis SI. took the bike out for a ride and immediately noticed that the front end was very loose and twitchy,more so in loose stuff.

The wide lug spacing on the SI makes it more of a soft terrain tire so if you are riding on hard pack that might make it a little sketchy but shouldn't make that much difference. You can also try raising the front to compensate for the taller rear (slide the forks down in the clamps.) When you raised the rear you gave it more rake on the front and this can cause headshake. Make sure your air pressure is ok and double check that when you put everything back together everthing aligned and tightened down properly.

Low front tire air pressure often is the cause of headshake. Try 13-14 and see if it is better.

Agree 100% on forks- had to do that on the KX to cure wicked headshake during transition from accelerating to braking in 5th gear.

ALso check your sag- if it is not enough, that aLso means rear too high and you would need to back off preload.

I would also suggest a Pirelli MT44 or Michelin M12 front if you ride a lot of soft terrain.

running 14 psi in front. will lower forks back to orig. position and give that a try.

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