Plug fell out again!!!

I just got back from a 1 hour ride. Got back to the garage, went to take off my boots... oil all over my left boot. Go back to the bike, yep IT HAPPENED AGAIN! That little inspection plug on the ignition stator cover (left side of engine) unscrewed itself and fell out. This is the 3rd one that's fallen out. My Yamaha dealer seems to "have plenty in stock" at $14 a piece. This last one I used RTV to try to keep it from loosening, still fell out. Any suggestions as to how I can keep #4 from falling out? :D:D

And yes, I'll be giving it a fresh oil and filter change. God knows how much Nevada dust I sucked into that hole. :D

Same problem here. Just have to check the stupid thing before every ride.

If it helps, the plug is around $4 at


Real good cadet smokey! How about you put a little elbow grease in that plug and tighten it! I guess I'm going to have to go up there and show you how it's done. WATERHEAD :D

Use some loctite thread locker. Simple

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