What to buy XR650R or XR600

I've started shopping for my next dirt bike and I am looking for the most bang for my buck. I was wondering if the jump from the xr600 to the xr650r is worth the $1500?

I don't see much reason to even consider an XR600R any more. The 650R is much better for dual sport and high speed desert. The XR400R is much better for all around dirt riding especially when the going is very rough or very tight. Just decide which one fits your needs the best. Don't buy anything just to save a buck because you won't be happy.

I had a 600R DS for a few years and ever since the 650R came out I really had the hots for one. Finally I got a shot at one for cheap ($2200) this past winter. so it only cost a few hundred to upgrade from my 600, and definitely worth it. I do prefer the 650 to the old 600, smoother running and easier starting being my favorite improvements. And the extra power is fun.

My 600 was a great dirt bike for the riding I do. A good running 600 is still a keeper for general beating around and I'd still be happy riding it if the 650 hadnt fallen into my lap. But I know that feeling of kid at the candy store window too well :D

Apples to oranges, old school vs. new school, night & day, lots of cliches to draw from when comparing the two kings of Baja.

Get what you can afford to get riding, and get the 650R if you can afford it. :D

The XR600 was a great bike in it's day. When it got it's last major rework in 1992 it was transformed from earlier models and was highly praised by the media and owners alike. I bought a new 93 model and rode it for six years with basic maintenance, gas and oil. I'm at about the same point now with my 650R after five years. While the old bike was good, the new one does just about everything better; much more power, stiffer chasis, lighter feeling...the list goes on. The only advantage of the old one is fuel range!

Now even the 650R is getting a little long in the tooth, and about where the 600 was in the late nineties...nevermind today! In either case, you might even want to hold off for the CRF600X!

What they said :D

Thank you everyone for their input. I'll stick to looking for the xr650r as my next bike. I can't wait any longer for another bike I'm killing this xt350 that is if it doesn't kill me first. I can afford the extra dollars for the xr650r over the xr600r. I was just wondering if the newer design was worth the extra dough. I have rode my buddy's 650 and it has the torque I'm looking for. I was sure I was going to buy a used wr450f until I rode one. I kept stalling it. Not that the 450 doesn't have power, it does significantly more that my xt, but you have to keep on it. It doesn't lug like the xt or the 650. Again thanks for your help.

Is this CRF600X a definite upcoming model or are you guys just having pie in the sky?

i bought my 93 XR for 2000 bucks in aus, not sure what that is american, and i loved it i only just recently sold it to a freind and now i ride a 06 ktm 525 exc..the XR never missed a beat and went hard although it was heavy, i could deal with it, if your tight on bucks u should look at a 600, if not maybe a 650( ive never been on a 650)

but if you look around u might be lucky enough to pick up something like i got i really goes well, here's a pic of it..



parts list:

630 bore kit

full exaust from header.

42 mm flat slide carb

cr 500 suspension front and rear

oversized front disk

ktm black guards

set of motard wheels and tires i never used

i miss her already...but my 525 is a weapon!

What are the do you guy's that have rode both the 600r and the 650r see as the biggest differences in to two ? Are they enough to make you sell a super nice 600r for the 650 for going back and forth to work and some single track riding when time permits ,or would you just stay with that old technology and spend the money on more riding trips ?

Thanks Steve

I rode XR600Rs since 1986 and they got looooooooooooong in the tooth for me, the XR650R has been great to me so I don't regret the change at all, if you can get a ride on one you could decide if the changes are important to you, good luck!

XR650R....... :D A no brainer........ :D

I had a very nice late model XR600 which I was very happy with until my riding buddy bought a new 650R and I made the mistake of taking it for a ride. Needless to say I have never missed the old bike since it is just significantly better in several areas. With that said anything that fits you and you have fun on is a great ride in my book.

I'd like to ride that bike to check out the suspension mods. Welcome and enjoy it :D BTW last time I shipped a bike (2002) I used Allied Van Lines. They were the best compromise between delivery time and cost.

nastcat, any interest in selling that bike and buying a different xr650r? I'll pick it up to save you the shipping costs.


Is this CRF600X a definite upcoming model or are you guys just having pie in the sky?

Well ok I'm baised as I ride an XR600RF 1985 model!! 17inch rear wheel and drum brake, and I LOVE IT! It's made of metal - proper metal that I can weld up if anything should need it. No alu frame or radiators to fail and it still goes like mad. Can't see any of the latest *&%$ hot enduro bikes still running in 20 years time!

Mega score, Nastcat. Summers' bike! For $2500!!! I love my 2000 BRP, but I would trade it in a minute for yours. Congratulations!

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