What to buy XR650R or XR600

It's made of metal - proper metal that I can weld up if anything should need it. No alu frame or radiators to fail and it still goes like mad. Can't see any of the latest *&%$ hot enduro bikes still running in 20 years time!

But have you been on a XR650R and would it be worth the extra, in this case. $500.00 to $1000.00 dollars that it cost me to get the 2000 BPR. Everyone that had owned or been on both bikes said go with the 650. The aluminum isn't an issue as I can TIG weld that with no problem. But I did liked the idea of not having to worry about a liquid cooling system on the 600. But in the end the better suspension of the 650 over the 600 is what made the decision easy for me. As far as still running in twenty years, that isn't really an issue either as I'm sure I will have long since moved on to other bikes. Then again in twenty years I'll probably not be riding dirt bikes as that would put me in my 60's. But who knows?

To be honest I have not ridden a 650 so don't take my views to seriously!

The lighthearted dig at reliability was directed more towards the ktm's and crf's of today market place. :D I don't actually expect you to be ridding the same bike in 20 years time! But you never know! :D

Extra weight and potential damage to radiators would sway me more towards 600 but as i have not ridden one :D test em both a makes your choices!

?????? The bikes weigh almost the same...and the 650R FEELS much lighter.

I had the 600R when the 650R was first announced and had originally hoped for a revamped 600, as they had previously done with the 250...shrinked wrapped, new frame, less weight, more power and better suspension. As it turned out there was nothing to worry about and if you liked the old bike you will like the newer one... sharing almost all of it's good attributes but with a much higher level of performance, both engine and chasis.

The only thing better about the older bike was fuel range and zerk fittings for lubrication! My old 600 was a great bike...but it's not 1991 anymore.

No doubt it will be a similar situation when/if the CRF600X comes out!

Extra weight and potential damage to radiators would sway me more towards 600 but as i have not ridden one

Dear Redbikejohn,

I didn't mean to imply that there was anything wrong with the 600. It is undoubtedly more bike that I really need, or can utilize at this point. When I originally wrote this thread I looked at the specs on both bikes. The specs are very similar. I liked the idea of the air cooled bike and the lower price. I was leaning toward the XR600. I had a few bikes that I was checking out one was a 1995 XR600, punched out to a 660 by Thumper Racing, with very few miles. The other one was the one I ended up with A 2000 XR650R that used to belong to Scott Summers. The bottom line difference in cost to me was less than $700.00. Everyone that had rode both bikes stated that the XR650R suspension was well worth the extra money. The suspension issue was my primary concern. That is why I like this forum, I can get well informed opinions before I make a decision. I appreciate your and everyone else's input on the issue and I feel I made the right choice for me.

Again thanks everyone!

I had a 94 Xr 600, and i just rode a 2001 Xr650 yesterday. I can say that the power is a huge improvement, the throttle respone is crisp and plenty of it. wheelie's pop up whenever u want. The suspension is that of a nice motocross bike, yet still isn't to stiff and uncomfortable for street riding at all. If you have the choice, definently go for the 650r. 600's are great bike's, but why not get a newer more powerful redesigned 650 with improvments in every aspect of the bike?

mmm you guys are sure making it sound tempting! My mates would die if i bought a 650 though! They make fun of my old dinosaur as it is, (1985model) and keep on trying to get me to convert to crf/ktm or something like that. I just get too attached to my bikes, they are not just a lump of metal to me! mmm maybe that's why a have a garage full of bikes! doh!

you are weak! 650 is kore and you cant handle it. i weigh 145 lbs. riding mtb my whole life. you cant handle the bear, dont diss the beast.

Can someone please answer this for sure: Is the crf600 a real thing and will it be here in 07? If so is there and sites with info?

if someone knew for sure, it would be all over the place.

No one can answer that for sure. At least not right now. But the current 650R was a rumoured new "liquid cooled" XR for some time back in the 90's before it was officially announced.

Can someone please answer this for sure: Is the crf600 a real thing and will it be here in 07? If so is there and sites with info?

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