best desert mods that $ can buy

Im a fast desert rider but Im looking to make my yz450 faster and more off-road worthy than it is now.MY yz has the following mods in it(sprokets ,gpr stabilizer,brp top and bottom triple clamps,desert tank,18 inch rear wheel,wr 5 speed tranny,wave rotors f/b,handguards,flex handlebars,asv levers,e-line stator with baja designs dual hid's )and this is about it.But i still think my bike can perform better .I need an exhaust system that over revs the stocker because I ride in the desert and theres a lot of long straight aways so i mostly need top end power if you could tell some other motor mods to make my bike faster.

What about Hotcams intake and exhaust cams??? I haven't used them personally but friends of mine with ATV's swear by them for increased power. Also to help on starting out (to get better from idle and low end "hit") a Boyesen Quickshot Accelerator pump cover, which eliminates the low end and from idle "bog". I have a 2004 Yz 450f and I mainly ride tighter trails, and use lower RPM's so I'm thinking of the Boyesen to get better low RPM hit. I may go with the Hotcams upgrade down the of luck...

I was thinking about getting the hotcams intake and exhaust people say that this thinks really work.thaxxx a lot.

Yeah, no problem....My buddy put the intake only on his Suzuki Quad, and it really woke it up. He was tight on money, so he put off the exhaust until he saved up the cash. That's his next purchase......I'm toying with the idea myself, but we'll see, my bike is pretty nasty from idle on, so I might put the money in the suspension first.


larger fuel cell is probably the most important desert mod

If I were going to put 3 grand into my bike I think suspension would be at the top of the list. Get it revalved so you can float through all those whoops in the desert.

Suspension first (Mine's by ESP) set up for your weight, riding conditions, style, and ability. That will make more difference in your speed than all the fast motor mods combined! The , the big tank cuz walking when you run out of gas is way slower than walking. If ya still got some bank left, the hot cams and a good pipe will really wake the motor up. For desert racing (hare and hound type stuff) I don't know that I would worry about the quickshot (though it is a truly bitchin mod for tight trail work, enduros, and MX...any place where you're on/off/on/off the throttle) or a power now, as you will spend most of your time above the throttle position that these devices are effective.

nice, im going with some suspension mods maybe this can help my speed.

Oh yeah, a suspension revalve is neccesary as well. :D

nice, im going with some suspension mods maybe this can help my speed.

How 'bout a fairing. :D

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