5-speed yz*exactly

I've become interested after reading about putting the wr trany parts in a yz and would like some details by you guys that have done it or are able to.1. exactly what parts are needed? [i have a 04 yz450f].2.Is the dealship the only place to get said parts?3. Is it needed to pull engine and split cases or is this an in frame job?4. I'm a pretty fair mechanic can I do this or should I give it to a pro?

Thank you

You need the following WR parts:

Both transmission shafts

All 9 gears (there would be 10, but low gear pinion is cut on the mainshaft)

All 3 shift forks

The WR shift cam

You can purchase the parts through the TT store as well as the dealer. If you really have to ask if you need to split the cases, you either need to crack your manual open or consider having it done for you, maybe. The parts will be about $700-775.

buy a wr

Ive done the swap it's not too hard you just have to get all the gears two shaft's the drum 3 forks you don't need the segment on the end of the drum get new clips that keep the gears in place bearings good? you don't need to replace them :D get some Yamaha bond or Three Bond 1104 and topend gaskets you may save some side cover gaskets and Orings there probably still good change them if you want there cheap a need a flywheel puller the case's come apart easy no puller needed You can use the yz manual for most of it but not stacking the gears I used the microfiche and printed it out and put the part numbers on it and start stacking them on the shaft don't take all the parts out of the bags There are no part numbers on the gears :eek: do one at a time You may need 4 hands to drop all the gears fork and drum in all at the same time There is 2 little dogs and springs on the end of the drum will get you :D I can't think of anything else If you get in a bind :D give me a PM

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