Buying 2006 XR650 R. Questions

There are some sites that tell you how to uncork the bike yourself but i notice Honda have a power up kit for sale. How does the kit relate to doing it yourself? Are they different or extra parts. Will this make the bike faster than just doing it yourself? Does the power up kit make the exhaust still legal? I live in Aus and they come street legal out off the showroom. Looked around and seems the 650r is the right bike for me but there seems to be varying views on how to uncork this bike.

Mine came uncorked from the dealer (In Aus), from what I can see they replaced the main jet, took some baffles out of the air box, replaced a carby manifold all of which is included in the box Then add anew tip for the exhaust or the original exhaust can be drilled, which is a cheaper option. Mine was all done for free.

They also come with stupidly tall gearing which leaves virtually no room to adjust the chain. You will most likely have to get a bigger rear sprocket and have a couple of links put in to make the chain fit.

Put it this way, I went from a 41 rear to a 46 rear and it still does over 160 k's and cruises at 100. Before if kinda chugged in top at 90, was more comfy at 100 in 4th gear. Apparently they do this to pass ADR.

Apart from that just make sure they check your head stem bearings as mine were without grease, which is rather stupid of Honda on a brand new bike. I only found that out from this forum. Make sure you check the right foot peg and kickstarter also as mine were loose, once again found that out here.

I've just checked all the linkage bearings too, they had a bit of grease but they have some more now.

Wheel bearings next and possibly swing arm bearings just to make sure.



This is pretty much required reading:The Pig Pen :D

This is pretty much required reading:The Pig Pen :D


spend some quality time over in the Pig Pen and you will save some money on your bike.

Also, don't do like me with the '05. As soon as you get that thing home, before riding it, pull your triple clamps and your swing arm and greese the bejeebus out of em, otherwise you will wind up having to replace bearings a lot sooner then you would think.

De-cork the bike first before deciding how much more power you need! That first step makes a big difference and the power increse is quite dramatic for minimal cost and effort. It's ridiculous that the obligation to make the bike run right is dumped totally on the buyer by Honda when full power versions are available stock in other markets.

Thanks for the replies. What i really want to know is if the power up kit is the same as uncorking the bike as they seem to supply parts like exhaust end cap and jet and so on.

Yes same ultimate goal.

I believe the power up kit comes with a variety of jets where as if you do it your self you can usually get a particular one by talking to others in the same conditions and riding styles. There is also a chart of jetting combinations that I believe is posted on the PigPen that people submited what they liked.

If I remember correctly I priced it doing it yourself and it was cheaper than the kit b/c you may only need to buy one main, and pilot jet, the needle, and carb manifold, then drill the stock baffle.

I beleive the kit comes with opened baffel, multiple jetting sizes for your conditions, as well as the manifold and needle??? so may be more pricy but lets you keep your baffle stock if you ever wanted it back to super quite, and a variety of jets if you want to decide what works for you.

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