OK here we go again... exhaust question

I am in the market for a new exhaust system, what I need to know is what I haven't been able to figure out by reading 9 gazillion posts. Which exhaust is going to give me better low end power and stay nice and above the former "stock" curve? Please give me quantifiable evidence :D, I need numbers plz! If it makes any difference I am running the 13.5:1 jug.

Get the Dr. D !!! I have the slip-on version not the full system. Even though I havent ridden my 450 with the stock exhaust, I can tell you my exhaust sounds the best out on the track (or in the woods),IMO of course. Magazines say if you have a yz450 the Dr. D exhaust is the best pipe for it!

Oh, you need numbers. Well if its any consolation, the Dr. D is priced below $500 which pretty much gives you the most bang for your hard-earned buck.

I agree, I like my DR.D slip-on. I have used the stock tail piece and I did notice a difference with the DR.D pipe. Improved throttle response and spreads out the power. :D

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