03 wr 450 fuel tank split and whats a good after market tank

my tank split on my bike only 2500miles on it, about 1'' under that screw were the rubber strap goes and just above the seam, so it's not the seam that has split,has this happen to anyone else .

and whats a good after market tank.

btw iam so f@#king pissed off with the f@#king f@#kers at f@#king yamaha it's sh@t like this that makes me want a honda

hey there was a thread on DBW a few months ago, pretty sure it was a '03 model and warranty covered it if Im remembering correctly. Should help you get the same deal.

get the acerbis 3.4 clear tank,you will love it,and have 100 mile range... :D

Acerbis. Mine's blue though. :D

I have a Clarke tank(black) and love it. The fit and finish is perfect and the swap only took a few minutes. Do a search, there have been some good threads on the subject.

I second the vote for a Clarke. Mine's clear in color for off-road racing though. Fit and install is a breeze............

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