'98 Yz 400 cam

Does anyone know if I can get an exhaust camshaft cap. I do not want to spend the money for a new head when all I need is the cap.



You may be able to get what you need form the OEM store here at TT ???

The valve lifter will run about $32

You could try this link if TT can't get them (surely they can): http://www.powersportspro.com/

After reading again I realize it's a cam (plain bearing) cap insted of a lifter you are after.

Yikes....what did you do to ruin a cam cap?

You may indeed have a hard time finding one of those easily.

Was the motor running when this cap failed? What was the cirmustances surrounding it's failure? I only ask because it may not be the only damaged item.

I just lost it.

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