It's alive.... ALIVE!!!!!

I finally got to hear my bike run for the first time since April (I think!?!?) when the oil pump went AWOL. Upon rebuild I had the head reconditioned, cylinder bored to 444cc's, Wiseco 12.5:1 piston, 450 Exhaust cam, PE clutch basket, FMF powerbomb and Q silencer, almost all gears replaced and all lower end bearings replaced.

After buttoning her up and saying a quick prayer she fired right up and sounded great. No questionable noises and even the loud clutch chatter I had prior is now gone. I only had time for a quick spin around the neighborhood, but I could certainly feel the benefit of the extra cc's and cam. First gear is almost useless and second gear was almost as difficult keeping the front end down.

Huge thanks to all who helped me along the way! Especially my brother in law for use of his 'shop', tools and beer. What a great feeling to go from a pile of busted parts to a purring motor without the $70/hr shop fees.

Good work. :D

awesome! :D:D

:D Great job

you should dyno it

I finally got it out today and all went well except for a leaking radiator. At first I was not too impressed, but it started feeling strong after about 1.5-2 hrs of ride time. I made a few other mods (450 cam & FMF PB/Q exhaust) which changed the power characteristics to make it more trail friendly (stronger low end) and the motor is still very tight since I replaced everything but the crank. My new tranny shifts like butter now especially with the PE clutch basket.

I'm tempted to revert back to the 426 cam and 2000 jetting specs so I can really tell if the extra cc's make a difference.

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