Chain Stretch

I searched the archives and found little on my question. I have been told that the stock chain on the '00 wr is the cats meow. One owner said he rode his 2000 miles and never had to adjust his. Me, on the other hand, seem to be adjusting mine after every second ride. I will start to hear that familiar chain slap, and a quick adjustment will take it away. I do push 250 pounds though. Is it normal for the chain to stretch that much? Should I upgrade?


I fall into the camp of people that doesn't have to adjust the chain. It blows me away that over the course of almost a year the chain never needed adjustment. I think I have to adjust my street bike chain more often.

Overtightening the chain can cause premature stretching.

I agree. Be sure the Chain isnt being overtightened.

The rule of thumb(or rather fingers in this case :D) Is to take your index finger and your middle finger.. and lift your chain up above the Swing arm, and Slide those 2 fingers on top of each other..and Place them just at the end of the Swingarm Slipper.

The rule is you should be able to get your fingers in the area snugly. If you can pull the chain higher than your Fingers stacked up.. Its too loose.. If you cant get your fingers in there Period.. Its too tight.

The Manual Says that If your Chain is Stretched to 5.9 Inches between 10 links Or 150.1 MM.. Its shot. Starting from the End of any link. 0 0<--- that counts as 1.. and move to #10.. and that one will be--->0 0 (sorry I cant explain it better).

O-ring Chains Stretch Initialy..and the rest could be Sprocket Wear. Make Sure you are lubing the Chain every ride. O ring Chains last a Long time..but They Do need maintenence. 2000 Miles might be realistic, if the chain has been cared for well. I Dont think anyone can get away without adjustment though.



I was on a team racing a KX500 in the Nevada 2000. We were under the Kawasaki tent working on the baike at the and of one race day. I was going to lube the chain, and the Kawasaki mechanics stopped me. They said onlt to clean an O-Ring chain with WD-40. Not to use chain lube on it. The reason being the chain is sealed by the O-Rings, and the lube would not penetrate, but would cause dirt to stick wearing out the sprokets.

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Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

I think all of your responses apply to me. I rode all last weekend and today with no problem. I was using "Chain Wax" but felt it was too sticky. I went to WD40 but after a while it was too dry. I think I have found a happy medium using one or the other depending on the type of riding for the day. As far as the chain condition, all is still in specs.

Im beginning to think it was all in my head.

Thanks for the input.

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