99 WR400 Frame

My 99 WR400 frame is starting to rust through on the underside of the footpeg supports. It's from a combination of taking a beating from coming down hard on rocks and the resulting rusting of the bare metal. Anyone know what year YZ/WR frames can be used instead? I checked the Yamaha site and the frame numbers from 98-02 for the WR and YZs are all different by one number (or letter). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The 99 and 98 frames are the same. In 2000 they changed the steering head slightly and changed the upper tripple clamp to compensate.

If you use a 00-02 frame you may want to change the upper triple clamp too.

The hot start button moved in 00 too, but don't know if the frame was affected.

Other than that you should be good to go.


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