regulator problems

Have an 05 wr450, it has now blowen two regulators, any thaughts as to why?

btw/ stock everything

Are you blowing bulbs or regulator

if bulbs, could be short circuit or badly connected regulator

if you have friends at electronics shop, they can measure the regulator and bike wiring

bulbs , and now its on its third regulator

How do you know the regulator is blown?

What are the symtoms

its giving around 30ac volts to the head light, which would make me think the regulator is not working, normally its around 12-14 volts ac

If you're seeing 30v AC at the headlight, the regulator is toast. I would look to see if you have an intermittent short or loose connection somewhere in your wiriing if you've blown 3 in a row. I accidentally shorted 12v to ground when installing my dual sport kit. It blew the fuse, but also took out the regulator. They seem to be very sensitive. Good luck tracking it down - could be a tough one.

approx how long does it take, before it kills the regulator and under what conditions (high rpm etc...)

I just measured my headlight and it's up to 36ACV:shocked: The regulator is toast i think. But i also measured the charging and it's ok?~13.8DCV.I get a little comfused, should not the current also be that high as the headlight if the regulator are toast?

going a different route, maybe float the ground on the stator and go to a complete DC system, but of course you'll need a new DC reg, not the stocker one.

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