Ok, i ordered a chain and sprokets form the local honda shop........the sprokets are fine, no problems to report. but the chain is a parts unlimited LM 520 PRO5 O-RING CHAIN that is only rated for a 400 cc engine. my xr650l has a ton op power ups such as yoshi exhaust and a hot cam......possably a bigboar and high compression piston. do u guys think i will be ok with this one or do i need to get one rated for say a 750 cc engine. the tensile strength is somewhere around 7400 pounds. do u guys think i will be ok or do i need to go over there and teach them what chains fit what bikes!

will it wear out faster than one rated for my bike?

Dude you are constantly looking for the cheap way out. Basically you're making a reliable machine, unreliable. Spend the money and get the right stuff. Obviously if you're asking you know the chain isn't right you just want re-assurance to the fact. Get a good quality X-ring (moose, DID, RK etc.) or staked chain and be all set. JT steel sprockets will be fine. Stay away from aluminum, it's for beer cans.

you should be OK with a 520 chain even if its rated for a 400cc bike as most road going multi cylinder 400's will be making more power than your XR. Your XR may give the chainer a harder time in terms of transmission snatch and fatigue loading but you should still get a decent life out of it IMHO.


a 7400# rated chain is fine with your bike setup ... my premium chain is only 8200# rated

After that chain wears out, it's worth it to spend the money and go with the DID ERV2. Costs a bundle, but your girlfriend will get strech marks long before the chain does.

Get the right chain and quit worrying about it....... :D

Do it right the first time, Cheap out and it will bite you every time.......... :D

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