Wr 444......wow!

I finally got all my motor back together and it is an animal!! I bored the cyclinder 2mm over to a 97mm bore (444cc) and had it re-nikasiled. I used a wiseco piston. I had some mild port work done, nothing crazy because I didn't want a peaky motor. I sent my head to Kenz cycle tech in AZ, they did a great job, they also adjusted the valves check all the seats. I also put in a set of Hot Cams. All of the parts set me back around $900. It feels like a new bike! :D

The install went well with no problems. I rode it yesterday and was really impressed with how hard it pulls right from the bottom. When the old motor would level off this thing just keeps pulling and pulling harder. It has tons more mid range, I may have lost a tiny bit of low end but I think most of what I was feeling was poor jetting. I have a 48 pilot in there now and think that I may need to go up one, any advice? I ride at sea level or close to it.

Sounds sweet... Hopefully, you'll have more luck than Hamish who was back on the stock cylinder and head after he destroyed his 444. His only lasted something like a week....

Math - What happened to Hamish's motor??

I can't remember precisely what happened... it was a couple of weeks ago. You can do a search using "444" as a search criterion in the WR4xx forum. You'll probably find the thread.

But I'm sure Hamish will jump into your thread as soon as he notices somebody is talking about a 01WR444. :D

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