Trick Dualsport update

I just had my early TrickDualSport kit up dated by Dale. I sent it back to him and they changed the large box behind the number plate to the new and improved version. They split the system so that now I never have the battery too weak after a ride to make the turn signals flash or the headlight to weak to even be seen, also I don't need to put the bike on the charger after I get home from a ride. This up date runs $120.00 and is well worth the money. Shipping time and all the bike was down about 8 days.

Now the Trick DualSport kit is by far the finest on the market. The original was good but the updated version far surpasses the old one. :D


Do you have pics of the old box vs. new one? Just interested to see if my one year old kit is the newer version. thanks, Brock

Sorry, no pics. but the new box is gold anodized about the size of a pack of cigarettes or a little bigger. The old box is probably 3 times that big, and not gold, but black. The new one is shown on the TrickDualSport website.


Awesome man, thanks for that

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