650R differance between California and 49 states

The new 650R is selling for a couple hundred less in California but I am guessing there not the same. :D I have rode the 600 for years and am moving up as you guys are having to much fun. :D

Not quite sure what your asking in your post, but if your wondering the difference between the California model XR650R and 49-state XR650R, the California model comes with an "Air Suction Valve" attached behind the right radiator that recycles some spent exhaust fumes back into the airbox. This can be easily defeated using a block-off kit offered by several companies (XR's only, applied, etc.). In California the cheapest place to pick an XR is from LA Cycle Sports, which regularly has older year XR650R's (02 or 03 for example) for ~$5k-~$5200 OTD (including California tax).

Thanks for the info, that is what I was looking for.

I found a new 05 for $5200 vs a California for $4999 :D

a California for $4999

Where? I'm interested.

Bakersfield :D

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