Dunlop 952/Maxxis IT

Does anybody have any input on the 952, or the Maxxis IT. I mean I have heard raves about the IT, and I am still running the stock 739's on my 426. My cousin rides an XR650r and we have been trying to figure out which one is a better tire. I am sure they both great tires, but I am just looking for input on hookup, and overall life expectancy.

I have 4 rides on a Maxxis IT rear mounted to a WR400. Mostly desert riding with a combination sand and rock sections. Held up prety well so far with no chunking happening. It has worn slightly on the leading edge of the knobs but not as much as i thought it would. I ride in some pretty sharp rocky sections and it's held up. I have also ridden it at Gorman where some of the trails are slick and it handled much better than the desert tire i took off. So far I am satisfied. :D

With the amount of torque my cousins XR650 puts out he goes through a tire every tank of gas. I told him to get both while he was at it, and tell me how they work. I mean if he dosent like one, then all he has to do is burn the rest of the tank right? Like I said I dont think either one would be a bad choice, but I think I am gonna go with the maxxis since hes sold on the 952. Then we will see what happens.

I would have to say the Maxxis is a great tire for sure ran one for ahile now and have put it through some tests. It can be a rocky beoch here in Idaho and have no flats. There is a tire out there called a Terra Flex made by interco, ala super swamper that is steel belted. But all of the sizes are huge.I think like 130 is the smallest but wares like iron.I like Maxxis.

Ran the IT on my kx250 120/90-19 rear. Decent traction, wore like iron. But Didn't hook up well.

Tried Michelin M12 and S12. M12 tolerabLe, S12 hooked up well but wore fast.

Then mounted Pirelli MT16 in 120/90-19, best rear tire I have ever used by far. Great traction in all conditions, slow wear.

Front- IT was not good. Michelin M12 was good. Pireili MT44 is even better in mud and loam, have not tried on hard pack and would not expect it to be optimal there.

Just switched from the Maxxis IT to a Dunlop 952 on the rear...Had about 500 miles on the IT...only 150 miles of hard terrain..still lots of rubber was left. The 952 has 100 miles of hard pack, and needs to be replaced in my opinion :D very worn, rounded off lugs :D I was hoping it would as good as the front 742 that I'm sold on.. :eek: Seems to wear just as fast or faster than a 756 on the rear here in NorCal dry, hard pack, and lots of rocky riding..back to the IT for me.. :D

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