yz250f 03 hard to start

hey has ahyone had this problem my thumper latley is harder to start cold, but when it is warmed up it kicks first go and most of the time i have to have my hot start pulled out. i have been told it maybe the valves need checkin/replacin and another thing is that my kick lever has become so easy to kick over i can almost pull it over with my arm, whould this be the spring in the kicker or what????????.. me lost until further notice. and the bike shops here are jus a load of rip off ********.. oh yeah and there is a difference between the american make and european modles isnt there???? well any help would be awesome...keep ridin and bye bye for now :D

You have lower compression than normal. You shouldn't be able to kick a YZ 250f (auto decomp or not) by hand because of the high compression piston. I think that your valves are leaking air even when they are closed. Adjust valves and do a compression check

I can turn it over by hand... not enough to start it... well there was this one time but thats another thread. It is by no way easy to do but I can make it spin with the force of my arm.

thanks jsanfilippo i will let ya know how it goes, a fellow at work said it it might be the valves need to be checked

one word valves i had same prob with my 02

Your valves are probably a bit out of whack (tight) and in need of an adjustment.

See this link on how to do your valves:


Also, it'd be smart to perform a compression test.

thanks only4strokes yeah everyone keeps tellin me this, me a bit of a newb on engine maintance, jus wanna learn to do the shit my self and not let the shop ripp me, like th past.. is it true american dirtys are different to the ones here down under

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