question about tm designs slider??

I just bought a tm designs slide and glide kit for my 03 wr 450 and after taking the bike all apart it looked like i had the wrong chain guide in my kit.

The three bolt holes did not line up with the swingarm holes. So i called tm designs and after explaining it to the guy on the phone he figures i got the yz one in my kit by mistake. so he says he will ship one out to me right away, which is cool. My question now is, i'm wondering if i have the right swingarm slider, the one in the kit only has two mounting holes the original has 4 mounting holes ?? can anyone tell me if i have the correct one ??

thanks in advance Todd :D

Mine mounts with just 2 bolts at the rear. Put a half inch of silicone under the slider between the top of the swingarm and only the bottom bolt in. Then after 24 hours bolt on the top bolt and install the swingarm. :D

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