banshee vs yz450f vs yz250

i live in the northwest. tight trails but so used to them. im split between theses bikes. the banshee is an option because some friends ride banshees and 4wheelers while some of my friends ride dirtbikes. i ride 4 wheelers but would love to switch to dirtbikes but dont want to make a bad choice. ive ridden a 426 and 125s can easily handle the 125s. ive never ridden on the sand with a dirtbike dont know if it would be too much or should i just go with a banshee. they can stick with yzf450 quads which may or may not be saying much but they are quick thats for sure. i would not buy a 125 just not fast enough i love the thrill of a 2 stroke but heard the 450s are just as fun what do you guys honestly think? a 250 3 stroke a 2003 yz450 or a banshee which would i be happier with in the long run u think.

unless your gonna be riding alot sand i wouldnt get the banshee, an 03 YZF450 isnt a exactly the best trail machine when stock either....???

ride them and find out

go with a yz400 or 426 and a pipe airfilter jets

it will be fast enough and controllable

i went from a ttr125 four stroke to a yz426f and haven't complained love the power and how well the bike carries the Wait

If you ride strictly dunes then get the Banshee. I had a Honda 250R quad for about 10 years and the fun factor was unmatched in the sand. Get some Sand Skate II's, smooth fronts, pipes and go whoop some ass! For hard pack fun a big YZ cant be beat.

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