Acerbis disk cover?

Does anyone know if the standard Acerbis disk cover will fit a '05 450? They only list up to '04 on their site and on the TT store. Thanks for the help. :D

The answer is no, not without some modification. To mount the disk cover you must first mount the adapter to the front axel/brake assembly. The mounting holes that the adapter uses are for the '04 and prior WR's. For the '05, one mounting point uses the front axel shaft. The other mount point goes to a bolt on the brake assembly that isn't there anymore. I made a bracket that allowed me to attach the adapter as a work around.

Now for the reality check. The plastic cover and plastic adapter are so flimsy that one good blow from a rock would probably tear it right off. I removed mine about five minutes after I put it on. There is no way it would stay on once I hit the trails. If your still interested in getting one then let me know, I'll sell you mine cheap. (never been used ) :D

I just spoke with the engineering dept. at Cycra and they will have one available for the '05 in a couple of months. They have the prototype finished are in the process of tooling up for production. I've seen one on an earlier WR and they are substantially more rugged than the Acerbis, IMHO...SC

Thanks guys! You saved me time and money. I am going to look into other options and see what the Cycra looks like too. I can always count on TT's like you to help me out. :D Thanks again. :D

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