Hardest hitting mx bike thus far?

73 TM400 Suzuki.

I had an rm 500 and a can am 500 and an IT 490. I have rode KX 500's as well but that initial hit from my 450 is harder on my hands and fore arms than the 2 strokes. Different power all together but yes the 500 2 strokes make power that makes you giggle deep down. Almost arousing. OOOPS, did I say that out loud.

I raced the local open money class on an RM500. If I ever see another one for sale I'm going to buy it on the spot. I think it would be a killer bike for vintage non-current class or whatever the class is that doesn't allow disk brakes.


Dear God! You mean those things came with drum brakes??!! :D

73 TM400 Suzuki.

I agree. I've never even seen a live TM400 but everyone that did still calls it "the widow maker". Lots of power, all in a 500 rpm range wrapped in a nice flexible frame. Suspension from a screen door company. WOW!

LOL, with 120+mph top speed first gear must have been like starting in overdrive.

Awesome you still have your old magazines! I try saving mine but my wife likes to throw them away as soon as they're out of my signt.

I pulled the pic from the web. I wouldn't have room to keep all the mags I have bought through out the years so I pass them on. I do have a bud who has kept almost every mx and car mag he has ever bought. They take up an entire side of his garage!

I have heard for years that the KTM 495 was the fastest all time stock production MX bike.


Ripntear - You are correct. The KTM 495 is the fastest (Top-End) ever. However, the post is for the hardest hitting MX bike. Hands down winner in my book is a mid 80's CR500. Unexplainable hit and power unless you have ridden one. No comparison to any new 4-Stroke made at this time. I will have to admit that I never had a chance to ride a TM400 or the RM500 but it sounds like they are contenders as well.

84-85 CR500s had a hit that was amazing. They were so fast that they made me ride slower. The bike had to be upright and pointed down the next straight before you could gas it. My 86 KX500 was pretty bad until I figured out how to set up the powervalves out of phase with each other, that mellowed it out and made it ridable. I have ridden YZ450s of all years, they (esp the 03) have a hit, but nothing like a 500 2 stroke.

When I sold my last KX500, I looked at it knowing I would never own anything else like it. Bikes are so much better now, if you don't belive that, ride a CR/KX500 for an hour.

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