woods set up

just wondering what kind of riding set up everyone is running, as far as weight,springs, and clickers,tires, type of riding..........

By far the best mod I have made it cutting my seat down. I like my Powermadd hand guards, because I can set them so when I wipe out they just move instead of breaking. On the same line I love my ASV levers. Still trying to dial in my suspension for my fat azz.

04WR450,all the free mods. 6'1 230lbs. Waiting on new rear spring"6.2" & ".50" fork springs. should be in this week. I just put on new front and rear tires 120/100x18 DUNLOP 739 DESERT AT. Do not like it...at 6'1 i can't get my leg over the seat now. Going back to a 110/100x18.....JD KIT,YZ tank and plastics,trailtech computer, pro taper bars,run ready race preoiled filters. Maxxis SI front tire 15 psi. I ride hare scrambles and have been fighting the bike. little by little trying to get her dialed in on every aspect. Next big purchase will be a REKLUSE.

I run Hare Scrambles and like a wheel that stays on the ground over roots and logs but doesn't bottom often on the big hits.

I have a .46 spring front, 5.2 spring rear and use the compression and rebound settings to control the wheels. Some will tell you that the springs are too soft but I have won Senior A and took Overall A at the last event. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying the springs work OK for me and I don't ride slow.

FMF Powercore 4 with a cut airbox and TwinAir Filter.

JD Jetting that requires a needle change above 9000ft.

That's all.

I am running an 04 WR450. I have Lowered the sag about an inch or so. Acerbis handgaurds, Devol frame guards, MSR skid plate, and I am currently running a 120/100 Kenda Carlsbad rear and a Kenda Carlsbad front at stock size. The tires are GREAT and match up quite well. I also have a TwinAir and UNI air filters that I switch around depending on which one is dirty. I like the TwinAir better as it is a 2 stage filter that does NOT come apart. It just seems easier to clean. The best thing that I have done is the BRP Sub Mount triple clamp with a Scotts stabilizer!!!! This makes the bike a lot more controlable and keeps the fatigue to a minimum. Worth every penny. I will NEVER ride a bike without one again.

I run an 02 426. All the free mods. Race sag set at 100mm. Front clickers (both compression and rebound) are about 7 clicks off hard. Stock springs all the way around. I'm 6'1", 200 lbs. I haven't bottomed it out yet, but I dont air it out too often. Mostly woods riding. Pirelli MT 18's with a 120/100X18 on the rear. Too hard of a tire for the front in soft stuff, but the rear works great on all terrain and is holding up well. Gonna switch the front to a Michelin S12 next year. Acerbis handguards, ProTaper KX High Bend bars, no snorkel on the airbox and a GYTR silencer with the insert. Street legal (barely) and I use a Garmin ETrex Legend GPS with an external, double C battery pack.

04WR450,all the free mods. 6'1 230lbs. Waiting on new rear spring"6.2" & ".50" fork springs.

0.50 in front is going to be STIFF! I'd think 0.48 for trail/woods riding would be perfect for your (my) weight - I run 0.48/6.2 and sometimes think the 0.48s are kinda stiff.

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