Answer - Pro Taper Pastrana Bend

Anyone have these bars on there 600? okay! or your 650? A riding buddy has them on his sweet 83 XR350. The seem to be quite comfortable. What do you think? Is it time for me to upgrade?

I usually get the RC bend or CR HI for my bike. Pastrana crashes alot, maybe his bend isn't what you're looking for...J/K.

I use them on my crf 450 they are great for a tall rider(im'6'2") they are 4.75 in tall and 30.5 in width. They are an inch taller than cr high bend.

I have them on my XR600R and I like them better than the stock bars ,but they could be a bit higher (I'm 6'4' ). I like the sweep they have.

I might get some of those fat bar adaptors that move the bars forward and up. The adaptors I have just go from 7/8 to 1 1/8 bars .

I've seen them in pictures on this board but I have never seen them for sell anywere, I might just have to make some if I can't find them .

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